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We can look back on an intensive and transformative year for Intellecta. I am very proud of what we have managed to accomplish in such a short time. We set a new corporate strategy and took great strides in implementing it, whilst at the same time focusing on improving our financial performance. At the end of 2013, this is where we stand:

8 leading agency brands

80 Years of communications market leadership

During the second half of 2013 we divested Infolog, our printing business, and acquired Propeople Group ApS and River Cresco AB. We streamlined our offerings and processes and increased our digital service range considerably. This metamorphosis turned us into a focused consulting organization aiming at becoming Northern Europe’s most talented and best performing communications advisors.

Strong customer portfolio

550 customers worldwide

Intellecta has around 550 customers globally, with 55-60 % in the private sector and 40-45 % in the public sector. Our top 30 customers, such as Fastighetstidningen, A.P. Møller Maersk, Telenor, Köpenhamns Kommun and Nike among others, represent about 38 % of our turnover.

Global presence

World map

Nine markets on three continents

We are present in nine markets on three continents (Sweden, Denmark, US, Austria, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Brazil and China). 2/3 of our business is domestic (Sweden) and 1/3 international.


400 Employees in nine countries

We are about 400 consultants (roughly 180 in Sweden, 50 in Denmark, 140 in Central Europe, and 30 in the rest of the world), covering a wide range of communications competencies from insight, strategy, and concepts to design, activation, events, campaigns, digital production and follow-up to be used and combined in delivering unique solutions to our customers.

Corporate values

500 students in the Gundua Foundation, our own CSR engagement

Our corporate values are Courage, Care, Performance and Passion. One of many ways in which these are expressed is through our CSR commitment, the Gundua Foundation. Started in 2007 the foundation operates two schools and a health clinic in Northern Kenya, with the ambition to create sustainable value and make a difference for the local children. Intellecta donates 200 000 SEK every year and many of our employees also contribute by donating on a monthly basis.

Financial forecast for 2014

We have communicated the following financial forecast for 2014: Revenue is expected to reach 380 - 420 MSEK (about 262 MSEK in 2013), of which agency fees will amount to 300 - 340 MSEK (about 160 MSEK in 2013).

Strategic priorities for 2014

2014 Growth

  1. Increase growth and profitability in the existing businesses
  2. Integrate Propeople and River into the Intellecta Group
  3. Spread the Intellecta spirit and strategy among all our stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders)

We will continue to expand our competence range – to fully meet our clients’ ever-changing needs. As one way of doing this we are evaluating further acquisition opportunities. We are specifically looking for companies active in the areas of digital, data, and PR. We will continue with our new acquisition model where we purchase a controlling share, rather than 100 %. I’m looking forward to continuing to build the new Intellecta together with all our great employees.

Best regards,

Yann Blandy

Yann Blandy, CEO


The global economy is still in low gear, and developments such as the situation in Ukraine have led to an uneasy climate in global politics.

But looking back at 2013, things actually went better than predicted. Global activity and trade picked up in the second half of 2013, and recent data even suggests that growth during this period was somewhat stronger than the IMF anticipated in October 2013. The euro area is turning the corner from recession to recovery. Growth is projected to strengthen to 1 per cent in 2014 and 1.4 per cent in 20151.

The economies of the BRIC countries have stagnated, and China is no longer the engine powering the world economy. The global growth rate for mature economies is now greater than of the BRIC and developing countries combined. In an effort to provide stimulation, China is shifting from a focus on heavy investments to a consumer-driven economy. With China’s economy clearly slowing and America’s underlying recovery stalling, investors are hesitant. But The Economist’s conclusion is that the current market pessimism could prove temporary and that investors should recover their nerve when they realise the bottom is not falling out of the global economy.

+2.6% GDP forecast for 2014

The Swedish economy has begun to recover, and Sweden had the EU’s fastest growing GDP in the final quarter of 2013. The rise of 1.7 per cent over the previous quarter marked a turnaround in the economy. GDP is forecast to grow by 2.6 per cent in 2014 and by just over 3 per cent the following year. The outlook indicates a slow return to a higher, but still moderate, growth for Sweden2.

In conclusion, the global economy remains unstable. However, some significant emerging trends are creating new business models. Globalization and rapid digital development are changing lives and behaviours worldwide. Old approaches are becoming redundant. The need for companies to act is unquestionable.

Read the rest our market analysis

Digital drive

Demand in the media market is still growing tentatively. The digital sector is the exception, showing strong increases in both demand and development. The repositioning of media investments from print to Internet and mobile is very clear, and there is no indication that the trend is about to slow down.

90% Forecasted growth of mobile advertising for 2014 in the UK

In Sweden, print advertising revenues decreased from SEK 14 billion to SEK 9 billion between 2006 and 2012. Internet and mobile advertising revenue increased form SEK 3 billion to SEK 10.5 billion during the same period.

In 2006, investment in mobile communication was almost non-existent, while the forecast for 2014 is a total investment of SEK 1.4 billion3. The same trend can be seen in the UK; mobile advertising is forecasted to grow by 90% this year to 2.3 billion GBP, according to Emarketer.com. Mobile advertising could well overtake newspaper advertising during 2014, and may overtake television advertising in 2016.

The connectivity era: from digital first to mobile first

Digital is the new reality, and people now expect to be connected when and how they choose. Smartphones and other mobile devices now come in all shapes and sizes, and offer wide ranging functionality. Wearable tech is set to transform the way we communicate. Google Glass may become widely available during 2014, and Virgin Atlantic staff are already using it to check passengers in and keep them updated. An Apple iWatch is rumoured to be on the horizon. And Facebook is getting into virtual reality with the US$2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR.

Mobile integration has helped to drive users and revenue for Facebook, and the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet’s readers now favour the mobile app over the paper’s website. The mobile trend reaches far beyond the media markets. To understand what is happening in this new digital era, we need powerful new ways to analyse the information created in different internal systems and online conversations. There is an urgent need to develop new business and payment models to match the rapidly changing behaviour patterns.

Word travels fast…

A temporary blip?

Some believe that our new digital culture is actually a blast from the past. The Gutenberg Parenthesis4 proposes that the invention of the printing press may have been just a temporary blip interrupting to the ancient tradition of passing ideas and knowledge directly from person to person. Digital channels and social media are a modern take on the oral tradition.

Consumers have always been influenced by word of mouth. But today it can spread around the world in seconds via digital channels. One tweet from one dissatisfied customer, and suddenly you have a hundred discouraged potential customers. And they will share in turn…

In response, some companies have made big efforts to be part of the conversation in forums and other public channels. Nice idea, but the younger generation seems determined to shut them out. They’re moving into a private sphere via services like Snapchat, Vine and Kik, sharing only with their peers. It’s essential for brands to understand these developments in order to maintain an interactive relationship.

…but a picture speaks a thousand words

70% of social media content now consists of images

At the Social Media Week in New York this year #SMW14, a picture of a shifting social media landscape emerged. It’s not just about new services and apps – content is changing too. Around 70% of social media content now consists of images. While most companies and traditional media players are just getting the hang of Twitter and Facebook.

From big picture to big data

The growing significance of images and video inevitably means much more data. IDC forecasts that the world’s data will double every two years, resulting in over 5,200 gigabytes of data for every person on the planet by 20205.

So will we sink in data, or can we learn from it and give people more of what they want and need? In theory we can, but we’re not there yet. Only a small percentage of data has been explored for its value through data analytics. IDC estimates that by 2020, as much as 33% of data will contain information that might be valuable if analysed.

To make use of data we need to structure it. This means that it has to be tagged or characterized to provide metadata. This has been an important factor in getting good search engine rankings. Now its significance has increased, and it’s something every organisation needs to address systematically in order to bridge the big data gap.

New challenges, new players

- Intellecta
- Nordic Morning
- Media Bergen
- Creuna
- North Alliance

A new mid-tier group with a focus on the Nordic market is also emerging, including Intellecta, Nordic Morning, Media Bergen, Creuna, and North Alliance.

So how is the communication landscape shaping up?

The Nordic market is polarized between a few global players, such as Dentsu Aegis, WPP, IPG, Havas and Publicis Omnicom Group, and a multitude of small companies specializing in one or two disciplines. With hundreds of agencies in each market, it’s a challenge for CMOs who need to integrate a number of disciplines. 

A new mid-tier group with a focus on the Nordic market is also emerging, including Intellecta, Nordic Morning, Media Bergen, Creuna, and North Alliance.

The shifting competitive landscape, changing consumer behaviour and new customer needs open up for new players. North Alliance is one of the newest players. It was formed in early 2014 when private equity firm Capman merged seven Nordic agencies. With offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Krakow and New York, North Alliance is creating a strong global network.

Changing customer demands

The rapidly changing communication climate means customer demands are changing as well. Companies need new approaches in order to reach their audiences in the channels that are now meaningful to them, and with more relevant content. There is a move from integrated to connected communication, from brand stories to people stories, from 360 degrees to 365 days, and from media disruption to business invention. And customers need all this to happen online6.

Skills blend is critical

One size no longer fits all

Reaching people in the right places with relevant content demands a precise approach to each communication task. One size no longer fits all. Cooperation and strategic partnerships are increasingly important in order to achieve the combination of competencies needed to ensure impact.

A very different landscape is unfolding ahead of us. There are great opportunities for those with the right skills, and it will be more important than ever to team up with the right partners.

How will this affect Intellecta?

The wider market, on both macro and micro level, affects the communication market. Changes in society, business and technology are making traditional approaches obsolete. To get results you have to challenge convention and find bold new approaches. We believe true success is driven by the ability to engage with stakeholders through relevant, creative and innovative communication.

The successful agencies in this new climate will be those who adapt best and embrace change. Most agencies are working hard to develop a strategy, but the real winners will be those with the capabilities and processes to deliver, and  a culture suited to the new world.

Intellecta has a head start – We combine the strength of the network with the edge of specialized agencies. By giving customers the freedom to pick the right competencies, we ensure communications with an edge. We are committed to understanding customers’ business and the people they want to engage with. We have proven collaboration processes. Shared values. And a clear focus on strategic communications, design and digital solutions.

  1. “World Economic Outlook Update”, IMF 2014.
  2. “The Swedish Economy“, National Institute of Economic Research (NIER) 2014.
  3. IRM 2014
  4. “The Gutenberg Parenthesis: oral tradition and digital technologies.” MIT Communications Forum 2010
  5. “Digital Universe study”, IDC 2012
  6. “The end of advertising as we know it – and what to do now”, feature article in Fast Company by AKQA's CCO/VP Rei Inamoto.


Bysted A/S

Bysted A/S

  • Full-service agency: strategic, design and communications focus
  • Copenhagen
  • bysted.dk
Bysted AB

Bysted AB

  • Strategic communications agency with digital focus
  • Malmö
  • bysted.se


  • Strategic communications agency with business-to-business focus
  • Stockholm
  • hilanders.se
Intellecta Corporate

Intellecta Corporate

  • Strategic communications agency with a financial, editorial and digital focus
  • Stockholm
  • intellectacorporate.se




  • Full-service digital agency with focus on Open Source, Drupal
  • San Jose, Washington, Boise, Copenhagen, Malmö, Stockholm, Vienna, Campinas, Dnepropetrovsk, Chisinau and Sofia
  • wearepropeople.com


  • Strategic agency with the brand as the guiding star
  • Stockholm, Shanghai
  • rewir.com


  • Full-service digital agency with business-to-consumer focus
  • Stockholm
  • river.se
Wow by Rewir

Wow by Rewir

  • Event agency with focus on strategic brand clarity
  • Stockholm
  • wowbyrewir.com


  • Bysted A/S
  • Bysted AB
  • Hilanders
  • Intellecta Corporate
  • Propeople
  • Rewir
  • River
  • Wow by Rewir



Propeople are together with Bysted building a brand new corporate website www.maersk.com for A.P. MOLLER - MAERSK.

Maersk Group has the ambition of becoming a second to none narrator of the fascinating stories within the transport and energy industry. In the project we are work on position maersk.com as an aggregated content hub for fascinating stories about Maersk's activities within transport and energy.


Gamification sets the wheels in motion


Rewir and River have joined forces on a digital gamification project for Michelin Nordic AB. Michelin asked Rewir for a mobile gaming concept that would be used to activate Michelin tyre dealers on all Nordic markets during this spring tyre-change period.

With Rewir’s edge in activation strategy and River’s expertise in digital gamification, teaming up was a logical step. The team effort gives the client the best of both worlds: the right strategy for internal activation plus digital gamification and user experience expertise.

Copenhagen Municipality

Probably the biggest Drupal project ever built


Copenhagen Municipality is going big on Drupal. Within two years, over 1,000 websites will be migrated to a massive new Drupal platform. There will be a common technical platform for all parts of the municipality and for all internal and external digital presence. You have to team up if you want to achieve a reusable, maintainable and flexible design, along with great content and an impeccable code infrastructure.

Propeople and Bysted A/S began working together on this major assignment at the beginning of 2013. Together they bring a range of strengths and competencies to the table, including project management, design, information architecture and programming. The project will be finalized in early 2014. Individual platforms for a large multisite solution for many hundreds of Copenhagen institutions will also be developed.

Telia Sonera International Carrier

From strategy to sales driven communication


In 2012, Hilanders began working with TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC), which owns and operates one of the largest fiber-optic networks in the world. TSIC connects most of the world’s telecom operators and leading content providers such as Facebook and Activision Blizzard.

Hilanders’ strategy was to reposition TSIC as The Carrier of the Future, emphasizing its commitment to innovation and its role in enabling the big ideas of tomorrow. The strategy is being activated in powerful communications spanning film, online, print and events. To deliver a truly comprehensive solution, Hilanders enlisted contributions from sister agency Intellecta Corporate.


Promoting women's entrepreneurship


In late 2013, Intellecta began working with the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket). The Agency is responsible for promoting entrepreneurship among women in Sweden. Our task is to assist in strategic and operational communication support for the strategy for gender equality in the labour market and the business sector.

Given the breadth of the assignment, we needed to engage several niche competencies. Intellecta Corporate is currently working alongside team members from sister agencies Hilanders and Propeople, creating the optimal skills mix for the assignment.


Lego Minifigures Online


LEGO Minifigures Online is an upcoming online game developed by Funcom in the action-adventure RPG category. The most important aspect of the game is collection. Players collect minifigures and take them out on adventures through amazing worlds. Through combat, they gain experience, which allows them to hone their minifigures’ abilities.

From a pitch shortlist of four agencies, Funcom selected River to launch the first phase of the official website for LEGO Minifigures Online. River collaborated with Propeople to deliver the unique pitch-winning concept.






The model illustrates how Intellecta runs its business, based on the dynamics of customer demands and our portfolio.

Our customers ask for a variety of services, from complex and unique assignments to standardized solutions.

  • Unique and complex assignments – Value-based pricing

    Unique and complex assignments – such as analysis, strategy, concept and business development based on true business understanding – generate income by value-based pricing for each case.

  • Communications competence integration – Hourly-based pricing

    Intellecta’s most frequently offered communications services, with earnings mainly generated from hourly-based pricing.

  • Packaged solutions – Modular-based pricing

    Earnings from more standardized and packaged products and communications services are generated from modular-based pricing.

The core of Intellecta’s offering is complete communications competence integration, all the way from the unique to the more standardized communications assignment. By utilizing the strength of our network and the edge of our specialized agencies, we can offer our clients a wide variety of solutions with the best skills for the task.

Apart from giving customers access to a wider palette of communications skills and more cost-effective solutions, this enables us to exchange experiences, which reinforces the co-operation culture and sense of belonging.


For six consecutive quarters Q3 2012 to Q4 2013, compared to the same period the prior year, Intellecta has reported stronger earnings. The balance sheet at year-end 2013 was considerably stronger than the previous year’s. In 2013, Pro forma earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) increased to SEK 9.1 million (-5.2). Pro forma profit before taxes, including non-recurring items, increased to SEK 60.3 million (-72.4). The number of common projects, where two or more of our companies work together for one customer, is rapidly increasing, accounting for a growing proportion of our revenues and profit.

Revenue (MSEK)
2012* 493
2013 488.4
2012* -5.2
2013 9.1
Equity/assets ratio (%)
Year %
2012 33
2013 55

*Figures for 2012 are Pro Forma